4 RAUNCHIEST Senior Pranks In 2019

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Remember, the Typical Student team shared 9 HILARIOUS Tweets About Prom Fails 2019? Well, this time around we're delivering the raunchiest senior pranks of 2019!

Replacing erasers with hot dogs



Over three dozen senior students in Gladstone High School, Oregon, moved hundreds of desks out of the classrooms and into the hallway. Allegedly, the students switched erasers for hot dogs. To get inside the school on early Friday morning, students reportedly “manipulated and abused” the custodian to open rooms for them. According to Fox News, the principal intends "to charge each of the 44 students involved about $47 to cover the cleanup cost."


Prank That Went Overboard



A similar prank took place at La Crescent High School, however, this one went overboard. The senior prank also involved taking school furniture into the hallways, but according to the superintendent, it "included potentially offensive material."  Kevin Cardille, the superintendent of La Crescent-Hokah Public Schools explained: "A set of actions including moving of furniture in the hallway, racist graffiti, inappropriate phallic symbols on whiteboards, homophobic and sexual websites on computers, as well as possibly obtaining a key from an unknown source."


Riding the dirt bike



Two seniors at McQueen High School banned from walking at their graduation ceremony for riding through the school halls on a dirt bike. As reported by the news outlets, Richie Whitney, 18, and Logan Christensen, 17, have been planning the prank since they were sophomores.


Who Let The Chicks Out?

As reported by Fox News, senior students at Shikellamy High School released a dozen chickens inside the school. The prank resulted in the suspension of the school's principal, vice principal, and the senior advisor. As told by the superintendent, 16 seniors are responsible for the mess. There were flipped desks, toilet papered hallways, doorknobs covered in vaseline, and a dozen chickens left in classrooms overnight. 




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