5 BEST Tips on How to Study for Final Exams That ACTUALLY Work

2 years ago



The Typical Student team shares TOP final exam preparation tips as told by YouTuber Jamie, who's a first-year Emergency Medicine resident.


#1 Stop procrastinating and have a study plan




Jaime says that this tip might seem to be quite obvious and simple, however, this is probably the most important one. She also adds that making a study plan will definitely help you to organize your time and prepare for the finals without being stressful.


#2 Find an area where you can study



According to Jaime, the place that you choose to study plays a huge role in your exam preparation. While some people like to study at home, others prefer a library or café. So find your best place to study and make sure that you won’t be distracted there.


#3 Try changing study styles depending on the subject



Jaime claims that while some classes require a lot of memorization, others require an application. So she recommends reviewing the information for classes that require memorization such as anatomy and making practical tasks for classes that require an application like math.


#4 Study in groups 



If you want to improve your exam preparation, you might want to try studying in groups. Jaime says that studying in a group, you can compare your notes with your classmates’ ones and ask each other questions about the things you are not completely sure.


#5 Sleep well

According to Jaime, sleep is essential for the proper work of your brain and memory. So make sure you get enough of rest the night before the exam and you will definitely successfully pass it. 

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