5 CRUCIAL Mistakes Male Students Should Avoid On Tinder In 2019

2 years ago



It’s 2019, so you have a chance for a fresh start on the dating scene. The Typical Student team learned more about the most common mistakes guys make while swiping on Tinder and how to avoid them.


Not everyone is as genius as Sam Dixey, a Biological Sciences student who made a PowerPoint presentation to make ladies pay attention to him. Turns out, most guys surely need some help in channeling their personalities to make their Tinder profile more attractive. In this post, you’re going to learn 5 crucial things boys should avoid to attract a potential girlfriend.




#1 It’s not that necessary to list your height on your profile



So, some boys still think it’s necessary to put something like "6'3" because apparently that matters" in their bio. No. In 2019, you must be a bit more original with your profile info, otherwise, your chances to get a girlfriend are pretty slim.


#2 And yes, posting group photos on your profile is also a bad idea





You might be a party animal or just having a lot of friends. But how is your potential girlfriend supposed to figure out which one of these people you are. The truth is, nobody’s going to scroll through a variety of group pics pretending to be an FBI agent.


#3 Please, forget about Snapchat captions




In 2019, placing Snapchat captions like "off to players with the lads" over your face looks WEIRD. Most girls would shrug seeing Snapchat captions on Tinder. And yes, please, forget about the dog filters, because they’re just inappropriate.


#4 Videos take way too long to load



There’s a category of guys who honestly believe that a cool video could save the day. Sorry, no. Before putting some “really cool” video on your Tinder bio, think about  people who wouldn’t bother loading them. So, you’re missing out on some potential girlfriends here.


#5 Sliding into her DM’s like




And finally, ‘Hi X’ is not good at all. Okay, this could suit as an icebreaker in case you wish your conversation look something like this:

  • "Hi"
  • "Hi"
  • "How are you?"
  • "Not bad thanks how are you"
  • "Not bad"


Think of something more original to break the ice. Good luck!


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