5 CRUCIAL Things For Students To Remember When Starting Senior Year of College

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It’s fall meaning that another school year has already started for many students. However, for some of them this academic year is going to be their final year at school (unless they're going to become college lecturers or teachers). With so many things to change, now is the perfect time to prepare yourself for the adult life. Previously, we told you about Freshman vs Senior Year: HILARIOUS Twitter Meme Perfectly Explains the Difference.

The senior year is the very time for not only thinking about your future career, but also for taking some steps towards your dream job. Your last college year is the time for managing your personal life as well. Moreover, your senior year is the time to live too, because college certainly will have a special place in your heart. So, don’t get stressed out about your senior year, everything is going to be perfectly good. But if you still feel a little bit unsure, the Typical Student team listed 5 tips to help you to survive your final college year.

#1 Buckle down, but don’t forget to have fun

For most of the college students senior year is the time when instead of the whole bunch of classes you go to yoga and parties. However, despite the fact that you have plenty of free time, it’s better to buckle down and think about your future. But still, nobody said that you cannot have fun at all. Go out, make parties, go to yoga classes, but remember that you have to find a balance between your studies and free time.

#2 Save some money

Do you want to move to your favorite city after the graduation? Or maybe buy a new car? Then you have to be on budget. Start saving money from the beginning of the school year and you will be capable of making your dreams come true at the end.

#3 Network for jobs

You probably won’t get a decent job right after the graduation. That is why your senior year is the very time for networking. You may upgrade your LinkedIn account or catch up with your past coworkers and internships. Just look for the right people who can hire you or at least recommend you for your dream job.

#4 If you want to move anywhere, do it right after the graduation

Moving to New York or Chicago is a dream of probably all the senior students (and not only actually). However, only a few really make their dream come true. So don’t be afraid of moving, it’s not a big deal really. If you want to move indeed, then just do it straight away. And remember, the longer you hesitate – the harder it would be to move.

#5 Don’t freak out if you can’t find a job right after the graduation

It’s okay, most of the former college students can’t find a job straight away. Finding your dream job takes a while. Besides, you need a couple weeks of rest after college. So keep calm, you will definitely find your dream job.

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