5 Easy But Vital Things That Make Students Fail Driver’s Written Exam

3 years ago



Owning a car is an old dream for any student. However, there’s one more thing each of us treats as something quite usual: student drivers without the driving license. Have you ever wondered why do students actually fail the written permit exam? In this post, the Typical Student team will tell you about 5 main reasons.

#1 Passive Learning



Talking about driver’s test, passive learning is definitely the first thing you should be careful with. It’s nice to look at your books but you should mix all the types of studying technics. Your topic requires practicing, so don’t forget about this point!


#2 Last Minute Cramming


Another well-known reason for students failing driver’s test is that lots of us tend to cram during the last minute. Reading a couple of paragraphs is not enough to pass the exam. You should realize the importance of the test!


#3 Distracted Minds


Needless to say, it doesn’t matter how much you read if you are a distracted student. To have a clear mind, you should at least sleep well before the test. Focus on the result during studying. It’s not as hard as it seems!


#4 Lack of Time Management


Students usually fail the written exams because they forget (or simply don’t want) to manage their time. To get what you want and even more, we recommend you to begin with working on your schedule.


#5 Anxiety Attacksreasons-why-students-fail-written-drivers-test

We all humans, so it’s OK to be nervousness before the exam. Still, anxiety attacks is a huge reason for failing the test. Being anxious, you lose the ability to think clearly. Pay attention to this point! Use relaxing music, candles or whatever you need to relax.

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