5 LATEST Must-Have Gadgets Any College Student Can’t Do Without in 2018

3 years ago



When going to college, every student faces such things as quick shopping and dorm styling. How to save your time, speed up the process and do it without running out of the budget?


To help you, the Typical Student team went to one of the most popular selling platforms - Amazon. We selected 5 top college student must-have gadgets to bring comfort into your new life. Let’s see how you can stay on top of things!


#1 TaoTronics Dimmable LED Desk Lamp


Cost: $39,99


Without a doubt, you are going to be on multiple student parties. Still, sooner or later, every student should open their books. It’s much easier to study with the proper lighting. There may be a nice desk lamp in the dorm but if there’s no good lightning, check this LED lamp.


It has 18 customizable settings. Among them, there are options for relaxing, reading or writing. Also, the lamp has USB port to charge your mobile.


#2 Kindle Paperwhite — Certified Refurbished


Cost: $99,99


E-readers have been popular for years. They are easy-to-use and lightweight. You can take the whole library with you and use it whenever you need. To make student’s life easier, we found this fresh model with a sleek design,pre-built front light, and impressing battery life. Single charge lives for weeks!


#3 HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer


Cost: $ 72, 50 (used) and $129, 95 (new)

It’s not all about studying. Each of us needs some rest time to time. In case you want to buy something for your soul, view out this cute photo printer. It allows keep your memories and make them portable. Also, it’s a bright idea to decorate your dorm with retro pics. It’s simple but attractive. The print can be connected to your mobile and social accounts.


#4 Mpow Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds


Cost: $34,99


The next must-have for today’s college students is high-quality earbuds. Being light, the product won’t require a lot of space. Among the features, there are quality mic, 15-hour battery, and portable charging. Any busy student needs this item!


#5 Anker PowerPack


Cost: $69, 99


To finish with, anyone, who is somehow related to studying, needs power packs. This set contains several portable charges and 3-foot-long cable. It can save you in such places as fast food cafes or airports. In addition, the package contains micro USB cable, 4-port USB charger, and a magnificent battery set.


Before buying goods, don’t miss creating Amazon Prime Student account!

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