5 Life-Changing Dating Tips Every College Student Needs To Know

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Going off to college is a time of great excitement for so many students. They are embarking on a period of intensive study; lectures which, if they apply themselves to the best of their abilities, will lead towards qualifications and a golden career. College is also seen as a fantastic opportunity to socialize, especially where meeting up with a potential love interest is concerned. Whether students meet girls online or on campus, exciting times beckon. But if you really want to make the most of your time at college, here are five life-changing tips you should know about.

Don't go rushing into anything

One important aspect to get into your mind at an early stage is the fact the decisions you make do not have to be rushed into. Depending on the nature of the course you are studying, you will most likely be spending anything up to several years at college. You'll have time to appraise any situation which arises, deciding which particular relationships would be most favorable, and which can be deferred or postponed.

Hometown sweethearts will rarely last

When you've spent considerable time in the company of a childhood sweetheart, the moment when you have to part company and travel to your respective colleges will seem like an unbearable wrench. You'll make all sorts of plans to keep in touch as regularly as possible via phone calls, e-mails or web chats. But you really need to look upon existing relationships as something of a millstone around your neck. During your college years, you'll be presented with a wealth of exciting opportunities. You'll meet a host of interesting new people – and potential partners – and it really would be unfair to yourself to be tied down to someone so far away.

Keep relationships in perspective



If you do happen to find yourself falling into an intense relationship as a college student, a golden rule is to try and keep this in perspective. Your primary goal should be to maintain a position where you can dedicate sufficient time to securing that all-important qualification. Otherwise, what is the point of being at college at all? Try and treat any potential new partnership as a bit of fun. If this begins to intrude on your ability to study, you need to seriously consider whether this is proving to be too detrimental to persist with.

Think now rather than long-term

While you are at college, another excellent tip is to prioritize the here and now and don't obsess about the future. What will be will be, so all you can really do in order to secure the appropriate qualification is to study hard and allow yourself a modicum of playtime to let off steam. By concentrating on the present, relationships should follow suit. Few students embark on what could be termed life-changing relationships at this stage. There will be ample room for mature get-togethers in the future. For the time being, focus on the more simplistic motions of study and leisure time in appropriate measures.

Always practice safe-sex




It might seem like a no brainer, but it certainly goes without saying one of the most valuable tips you can take on board during college years is to ensure you always take appropriate precautions prior to intimacy. You will be attending all sorts of parties and social gatherings where you may well get together with people whose history you know little about. Also, should you happen to get into a relationship which results in a pregnancy, your ability to perform to your best abilities will be seriously hampered.

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