5 Student’s Love Stories With Unexpected Endings

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Well, looks like St. Valentine’s Day is here! Are you ready to celebrate it with the one you love? In case you need some inspiration, the Typical Student team picked up these unusual stories for you. Enjoy!


#1 Grandmother's Objection





My grandmother is known for making trouble. She REALLY liked my uncle’s former wife. They flew my grandmother out to the wedding and sat her right at the front, next to the bride’s mother. The priest asks if the parents of the bride and groom approve and bless the marriage. My grandmother straight up says “No.”


#2 Rehearsal Dinner Objection

"It was at rehearsal dinner. My aunt's mother stood up and gave a big long speech about how my uncle wasn't good enough for her daughter and how my uncle would never amount to anything. My aunt started crying and my uncle told his now mother-in-law to sit down and shut up they were getting married no matter what she said. They have been married for 20 years now and my uncle's mother-in-law hasn't spoken to him since."


#3 This Prank Objection





"I said no at my own wedding. It was a super fast ceremony at our new house with just the officiant and a couple of people for witnesses. When he asked if I took my spouse in marriage (or something like that, I honestly don't remember), I said no. There was about a beat and then I said yes. I thought it was funny at least."


#4 Pre-Wedding Objection

"My now-husband asked my father for my hand in marriage before he proposed. My dad flat out said no. My dad talked to me every week in the two months leading up to the wedding and said I don’t have to go through with it if I don’t want to, I wouldn’t upset anyone. We had a destination wedding, and when my parents arrived to the resort, he told me he would fly me home if I wanted to. Right before walking me down the aisle he asked if I was sure and again mentioned flying me home if I didn’t want to go through with it."


#5 Accidental Objection





"I accidentally objected to a wedding. It was my first time taking the train and I walked into the wrong station. It was a wedding venue. I was trying to find my track. I was randomly opening doors. I opened the doors at the perfect time, as they were asking if anyone objects? It’s was quiet and awkward and loud."



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