5 SECRET Rules Of College Confidential Membership

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In case you haven't heard about College Confidential, the Typical Student team brings the sacred knowledge to you. As dubbed by HuffPost, the College Confidential is "the web’s premier community for college-bound individuals." Most students agree this is a superficial website celebrating the Ivy League-Potential students while paying everyone else no mind. On the bright side, there's always something a student can get out of its content if used right. So, without further ado, let's proceed to the rules of using College Confidential with the most benefit. 


Do: Take everything you read with a grain of salt





The College Confidential community is closely tied with admission culture. However, very few people actually know the realities of college admissions. Moreover, the CC community members are happy to spread the misinformation across the site. So, whenever you come across a statement like “all NYU students are worthless,” just take it with a grain of salt. If you see something fishy, make sure to do the fact check!


Do: Use the other resources on the site

Apart from the forums, the CC website itself has a few useful sections and tools. For instance, the “College Search” tool can help you find new colleges by narrowing down your current college list. The “Read & Learn” section contains posts authored by experts in a variety of college-related topics. It's great using the “Ask the Dean” column, to ask a question to the real college dean. 


Don’t: NEVER put up ‘chance me’ posts




In a nutshell, “chance me” posts are a staple of CC. So, you put down all your “stats” (SAT scores, GPA, was the essay good, etc.) and then ask any random user to assess the chances of you getting into your top colleges. This is a BAD idea! A stranger can never assess your personality by looking solely at your tests scores and grades! If you choose to flip a coin, the results might actually be better. 


Do: Look for networking opportunities with other college students

There's a community of students on CC who hate drama and only want to get into their dream colleges. These students are eager to share their experiences, and worries regarding admissions, as well as provide their support to fellow students. Whenever you're feeling nervous before the upcoming exam, just go to the topical message board and chat with other students in a similar situation!


Don’t: Get too involved with the CC network




Whenever you come across a student who wants to solve a problem they might have failed retroactively, it's time to leave. The community is helpful only to the extent when you share your feelings and emotions. The moment you get carried away solving the problem you think you've failed, it all turns into stress. 


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