You Will Be Shocked At These New Celebrity Attempts At Bottle Cap Challenge!

11 months ago



Previously, the Typical Student team told you about Jason Statham, Ryan Reynolds, John Mayer And Other Celebs Who Attempted Viral #BottleCapChallenge. This week, there's more #BottleCapChallenge craziness going on. So, if you're following the trends closely, here are the most hilarious Bottle Cap Challenge celebrity fails you might have missed this week!

#1 Mariah Carey takes off the bottle cap with her voice



#2 Kendall Jenner completes the bottle cap challenge while riding a jet ski



#3 Steve-O completes the bottle cap challenge using his penis



#4 Zhao Whenzhuo opens three bottles in a row in an attempt to complete the bottle cap challenge



#5 Ellie Goulding wins the bottle cap challenge just like Jason Statham did


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