You Will Be Shocked At These New Celebrity Attempts At Bottle Cap Challenge!

2 years ago



Previously, the Typical Student team told you about Jason Statham, Ryan Reynolds, John Mayer And Other Celebs Who Attempted Viral #BottleCapChallenge. This week, there's more #BottleCapChallenge craziness going on. So, if you're following the trends closely, here are the most hilarious Bottle Cap Challenge celebrity fails you might have missed this week!

#1 Mariah Carey takes off the bottle cap with her voice



#2 Kendall Jenner completes the bottle cap challenge while riding a jet ski



#3 Steve-O completes the bottle cap challenge using his penis



#4 Zhao Whenzhuo opens three bottles in a row in an attempt to complete the bottle cap challenge



#5 Ellie Goulding wins the bottle cap challenge just like Jason Statham did


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