Freshers’ Week: 5 Simple Tips for Students to Make a Great First Impression in College

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When it comes to Freshers’ week, any student wants to make a good first impression. Visiting your college or university for the first time will a daunting experience anyway. Being raised in a hometown, many freshers afraid that they won’t meet new friends during tuition. For everyone who cares about this point, the Typical Student team has special recommendations. In this post, we’ll tell you how to make a great first impression in college.

#1 Tip: Stay Away From Snap Judgements


According to the psychologists, people form a sense of whether an individual is trustworthy in less than one-tenth of a second. Besides, people deduce info (like their intelligence and sexual orientation) with a degree of accuracy. Here’s what we call “thin slicing”. With it, people make quick decisions based on limited information.

Seeing that, it’s important to become likable during the first meeting with your new mates on campus.

#2 Tip: Remember That You Are In The Same Boat


When trying to get the attention, people usually act quite weird. To save your reputation, we recommend you to be yourself. Don’t forget that you are all in the same boat. Use your strengths to your advantage!

#3 Tip: Make friends Online


Needless to say, not every student can make friends IRL easily. In case you are an introvert, we suggest you make friends online. It should be more comfortable than you making friends face to face.

#4 Tip: Shift The Focus From Yourself


The common mistake of many freshers is that they are trying to introduce themselves in the best light. For these simple reasons, such people usually talk about their achievements all the time! To avoid uncomfortable situations, shift the focus from yourself onto others. Everyone likes to be listened to!

#5 Tip: Stop Thinking What They Are Thinking About

Finally, people always wondering “What will others think of me?” Stop focusing on this point! It can make the situation even worse.


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