Unforgettable Weekend: 5 TOP US and Canada Music Events Every Student Should Know in August 2018

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August 2018 is going to be extra loud! Today, the Typical Student team listed the TOP 5 music fests taking place in US and Canada. Ready to have some fun?

Without a doubt, any student can’t wait for classes’ end. As soon as the last exam passed, you start making plans. August is always a long-awaited month. For some students, it makes the last chance to get the desired breakaway. That’s why, there are so many fantastic events waiting for you at the end of the summer. But how to choose between them? Let’s figure out what your must-see-s are!


Stay Loud With Lollapalooza


Date: August, 2-5

Location: Chicago, IL, US.

Place: in the middle of Grant Park!

Cost: $120-$4,200

Headliners: Bruno Mars, Arctic Monkeys, The Weekend, and Jack White.


Probably, anyone, who enjoys loud, bright, and eye-catching music fests, already knows a bit about Lollapalooza. It is an iconic event, which goes strong since 2003. This year, Lollapalooza lasts 4 days and covers 7 countries. August 2018, American students can join it in Chicago.

Being one of the greatest music events in North America, Lolla Chicago prepares 130+ performances.

Should you visit Lollapalooza this summer? Absolutely!


Enjoy Country Music With Big Valley Jamboree


Date: August, 2-5

Location: Camrose, Alberta, Canada

Cost: $110-$850

Headliners: Thomas Rhett, Paul Brands, Alabama, Luke Combs, etc.


Same to Lolla, Big Valley Jamboree is a large music fest. The event unites Country music lovers all over Canada, US, and Europe. Historically, the first BVJ took place in 1992. Since then, it happens every year and lasts a long August weekend. On average, more than 25,000 people visit Big Valley Jamboree every day. It starts August, 2 and ends August, 5.


Discover Northwest Culture With Summer Meltdown



Date: August, 2-5

Location: Darrington, WA, US

Place: Whitehorse Mountain, Cascade Mountains

Cost: $95-$400

Headliners: Andy Coe, The MoonDoggies, The Burned, etc.


Another festival every student should know about happens in Darrington. Thanks to its location, Summer Meltdown Festival is called the biggest locally-produced independent music event of Pacific Northwest. It includes camping and happens every August since 2000. 50+ bands and singers join Summer Meltdown. Actually, SMF is a perfect place for those American students, who prefer open-air fests and breathtaking landscapes.


Looks like Hermione’s time-turner would be your must-have this August… So sad, you can’t visit each of these 3 music fests at the same time!

Are there any other events happening beyond August, 2-5 worthy of your attention?


Try Camping With Boots & Hearts


Date: August, 9-12

Location: Darrington, WA, US

Cost: $75-$799

Headliners: Alan Jackson, Thomas Rhett, and Brett Young.


Boots & Hearts has over 45,000 festival goers. When the longest August weekend ends, Canadian students can join Boots & Hearts. This multi-day event consists of camping, country music, farmers, and markets. Although Boots and Hearts started in 2012, it’s the largest country music fest in Canada and 2nd largest music fest in North America.


Meet Bon Iver With Outside Lands


Dates: August, 10-12.

Location: San Francisco, CA, US.

Cost: $149-$795

Headliners: Bon Iver, Jamie XX, Father John Misty, Chromeo, The Weekend, Florence + The Machine, etc.


Finally, being an American student, you do need to take a look at Outside Lands fest! Inside, there will be wine tasting tents, organic food markets, bike valet, and more. As the name promises, this fest happens outdoors.


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