6 BEST Tips for Students on How to Survive Freshers’ Week

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How to survive the freshers’ week? Entering your first year at uni is a bit stressful, yet exciting. Still, there is a way to make the most of your freshers week with minimal loss for your budget and nerves. The Typical Student team shares a bunch of useful tips to get you through the freshers’ week like a pro. Tune in!

#1 It’s All About the Money

Saving some cash ahead of time will definitely help you cover the unforeseen expenses. As well as invest in some party life to socialize and present yourself on the campus scene. So, before plunging headlong into the freshers’ week, check your bank accounts.

#2  Be yourself, no matter what they say

Yeah, we know, everybody loves presenting themselves better than they are in real life. But hey, nobody’s perfect! Being genuine is the best way to make new friends and acquaintances. Even if you don’t like something about your personality, there’s a perfect chance to reinvent yourself in the new environment.

#3 Do the admin stuff

Okay, you’ve been preparing yourself for a wild and crazy freshers’ week. But who’s gonna do all the paperwork and admin stuff that’s been piling up? Learn what documents you’ll need beforehand. Do you have your student tax exemption sorted? See if you have an acceptance letter, passport sized pictures, photo ID etc., so you don't have to stand in the queue all over again. 

#4 Register with clubs and student societies

Clubs and societies are the best part of student life. Shop around for societies that correspond to your interest range. Learn about the up-front registration fee and other registration requirements. Extracurricular activities are a great way to enrich your social life and meet people outside of your course and student accommodation. Besides, there is the sports teams' night that comes as an extra bonus!

#5 Don’t miss out on student discounts

Sooo, student discounts are the second best thing about your freshers’ week! Get ready to whip out your student card at any given chance to get the best deals and discounts! And, don’t be shy to ask for a student discount at a shop or restaurant even if it’s not advertised. Sign up to student discount newsletter roundups of the best deals to get the best daily freebies.

#6 Fight homesickness

Change is tough, so it’s okay to feel homesick. But don’t indulge in this dangerous feeling. Think positive instead and try to make your situation at the uni town as good as possible. Steer clear from moaning to your parents on the phone, this will only bring you to tears. The less you think about home the less productive you are. So, get accustomed to the new surroundings, get out there as much as you can and enjoy your freshers’ week!

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