6 INFOGRAPHICS That Describe College Life As It REALLY Is

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Understanding college life can be hard. Especially if you're a freshman. Is there a way to navigate your school life safely and learn about all the tricky things beforehand? Previously, the Typical Student team told you about 21 Things Freshmen Should NEVER Do During Their First Year in College. Even the Twitterverse mocked college life in a brilliant way in with a hilarious Freshman vs Senior year Twitter meme. Anyway, guys from CollegHumor did it better by putting together 6 infographics pretty much explaining everything you need to know about college life.

#1 This is how you spend money in college. Not much is left for booze, though.

6-infographics-explaining-college-life-02Source: CollegeHumor

#2 Eating in college is challenging. Sadly enough, you can't enjoy restaurant food all the time.


Source: CollegeHumor

#3 Getting around the campus in sweatpants will become the new black. Just get over it. 

6-infographics-explaining-college-life-03Source: CollegeHumor

#4 You'll spend 50% of your time in college doing nothing.

6-infographics-explaining-college-life-04Source: CollegeHumor

#5 Drinking will get more intense as the finals are over.

6-infographics-explaining-college-life-05Source: CollegeHumor

#6 You'll be lucky to have at least one mate left after college. 

6-infographics-explaining-college-life-06Source: CollegeHumor

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