6 WEIRDEST Graduation Traditions in US Colleges

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Today, the Typical Student team tells you about strange and surprising graduation traditions at US colleges. Diploma circle, hoop race, watch throwing are just a few traditions celebrated by graduates in American colleges. 


#1 Smith College, Massachusetts 





Smith College, in Northampton, Massachusetts, is known for its so-called Diploma Circle. While most grads walk across the stage to get their diploma, at Smith's graduates get a random diploma with any one of 700 classmates' names. After that, they walk over to a field on campus to form the Diploma Circle and pass the diplomas from one student to another until everyone gets theirs.


#2 Wellesley College, Massachusetts 





At Wellesley College, students race wooden hoops down Tupelo Street. The tradition began during the May Day celebration but gradually became a  graduation day tradition. It is believed that the winner of the Tupelo Street race is to achieve success. When the race is over, the winner gets thrown into Lake Waban by fellow students. The race is actually pretty harsh as graduates are dropping their hoops, and pushing one another to win the 1st place.


#3 Yale University, Connecticut




Yale is known not only for being one of the Ivy League universities, but also for its bizarre graduation tradition.  According to the tradition, Yale students rub the toe of former Yale president Theodore Dwight Woolsey's bronze statue for good luck when they graduate. Business Insider tells that according to the old legend Mr. Woosley, "when he was president, would attend a regatta in support of the Yale crew team. Every time he kicked off a boat with his left toe to start the race, the Yale team would win."


#4 Williams College, Massachusetts



At Williams College, graduates throw watches off of Thompson Chapel, to celebrate the passage of time. The tradition is believed to bring luck to the person who throws the watch. 


#5 Liberty University, Virginia


Nursing students at Liberty University have a strange graduation tradition - they burn their scrubs. Every year, graduates gather at the home of Dean Deanna Britt's house. They set a bonfire and fling their scrubs into the fire. Students believe that burning their white scrubs means they no longer have to label themselves as student nurses. 


#6 University of Notre Dame School of Architecture, Indiana




Notre Dame School of Architecture graduates create unique cap decorations. The students put 3D replicas of buildings, bridges, Ferris wheels, and more to wear during the commencement ceremony.


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