7 FRESH Apple Updates Memes for Students

10 months ago



As you may know, Apple always has some updates for its fans. There are lots of new things the company releases every season. September 2018, there was a huge update. Today, the Typical Student team is about to show you what other students think about the company and its updates. Here are 8 relevant Apple memes for you!

#1 The update everyone cares about

7-fresh-apple-updates-memes-for-students-1.jpg#2 Here's what you can buy 

7-fresh-apple-updates-memes-for-students-2.jpg#3 Can you name at least 3 people?

7-fresh-apple-updates-memes-for-students-3.jpg#4 New Apple Watch

7-fresh-apple-updates-memes-for-students-4.jpg#5 Innovations

7-fresh-apple-updates-memes-for-students-6.jpg#6 That's cool

7-fresh-apple-updates-memes-for-students-7.jpg#7 Can you relate?


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