7 FRESH Apple Updates Memes for Students

3 years ago



As you may know, Apple always has some updates for its fans. There are lots of new things the company releases every season. September 2018, there was a huge update. Today, the Typical Student team is about to show you what other students think about the company and its updates. Here are 8 relevant Apple memes for you!

#1 The update everyone cares about

7-fresh-apple-updates-memes-for-students-1.jpg#2 Here's what you can buy 

7-fresh-apple-updates-memes-for-students-2.jpg#3 Can you name at least 3 people?

7-fresh-apple-updates-memes-for-students-3.jpg#4 New Apple Watch

7-fresh-apple-updates-memes-for-students-4.jpg#5 Innovations

7-fresh-apple-updates-memes-for-students-6.jpg#6 That's cool

7-fresh-apple-updates-memes-for-students-7.jpg#7 Can you relate?


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