7 Heartwarming Student Stories About Modern Teachers

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Without a doubt, the Typical Student team already proved that teachers can be as cool as their students and even better. However, this time we have another selection to view out. Today, we selected 7 student stories that show how awesome modern teachers can be.


#1 English Teacher

7-heartwarming-student-stories-about-modern-teachers-3.jpg"When I was in third grade, I had just come to the US and didn't speak a single word of English. My teacher was very tech-savvy, so he gave me a little iPod he brought from home with a translation app on it. It was the only way I interacted with people the first few weeks. He also sat down with me almost every time the class was doing personal work to teach me English, despite not being a trained ESL teacher. Thanks to him, I was speaking fluently and confidently within the first couple of months."


#2 Atmospheric Teacher

"A teacher once let us roast marshmallows over tea candles while she pointed a projector at the ceiling, put up pictures of constellations, and talked about stars and Greek myths and such. It was so fun."


#3 Intuitive Teacher

"When I was 11, my mother passed away. My favorite teacher knew how avid of a reader I was and that I always looked forward to our monthly book orders coming in. She brought my books to the funeral for me, and to this day, I remember getting those books and feeling like at least one thing was going to be alright. It's one of the reasons I went on to become a teacher myself."


#4 Wise Teacher

7-heartwarming-student-stories-about-modern-teachers-4.jpg"Last year, I ended up having a panic attack during class and had to exit the room. Shortly after I left, my teacher came out and talked to me to calm me down. She was just so patient, kind, and understanding during the whole situation. Ever since then, she's checked up on me and seen how I'm doing, making sure I'm okay, which I appreciate more than she would ever know. If it wasn't for her talking me through my panic attack, I don't think I would have ever sought professional help for my anxiety."


#5 Smart Teacher

"My high school physics teacher always had a supply of granola bars in her room for anyone who either couldn't afford to eat breakfast or didn't have time to because she understood that students can't learn with an empty stomach."


#6 Advocate Teacher

"I'm transgender and a senior in high school, but in the middle of the sophomore year I came out, and my math teacher helped me buy a chest binder and pronoun buttons. I've never felt so appreciative towards a teacher."


#7 Dreamer Teacher

7-heartwarming-student-stories-about-modern-teachers-2.jpg"I've been an undocumented immigrant (a Dreamer who applied for DACA) living in the United States since I was three. When I told my theater teacher of my situation, she decided she wanted to help me out so I could have a future. With the help of Mrs. Swatzell, I am now entering my senior year with the hope of going to college, something I could have never imagined or thought of. I was sure college wasn't an option, but Mrs. Swatzell donated her time and money to one of her students because she cared. I can never thank her enough!"


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