7 New TV Promoted Products for Students and How They Really Work

3 years ago


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We live in a quite material world. Today advertisement is everywhere! That’s why it’s important to understand that not all the items are ass good as they say on TV. However, in this post, the Typical Student team selected 7 TV promoted products for students that really do their work.


#1 Helpful TubShroom


Price on Amazon: $12,99

This cute school for your tub really works. It may be the most winning invention, which doesn’t allow your hair to ruin the dorm’s drains.


#2 Hot Pasta Boat


Price on Amazon: $15,95

This thing is really life-saving. And it also allows a student to keep their food warm.


#3 Fantastic Drop Stop Gap Fillers


Price on Amazon: $19,99

With the help of these babies, your seats and everything between them and the door will be clean.


#4 Awesome Eyeglass Holder


Price on Amazon: $9,99

This item doesn’t need comments at all. Just shut up and take my money!


#5 Bottle Bright Cleaner


Price on Amazon: $7,99

Being a student, you definitely have no time to clean all the bottled by hand. That’s why this item is your real must-have!


#6 Your Wonder Hangers


Price on Amazon: $13,00

These are the 100% space savers! Now you know how to organize the closet quickly and put there everything you need.


#7 Turbie Twist


Price on Amazon: $15,99

One more thing to save your time! This one is meant to dry your hair in a quick way. It comes for short and long locks.



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