7 Student Sex Stories That Are Way TOO Awkward

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You know that sex matters a lot for students. It’s always sad when something goes wrong. However, there are so many hilarious stories. Today, the Typical Student team selected for you 4 awkward anonymous sex stories from students to students.


#1 Athlete’s Foot


My high school girlfriend asked me to come over while her parents were out for the day. After sex, I was rubbing my foot on her leg, and so she asked that I use my foot on her and in her next time. Fast forward several days later, I got a frantic call that I’d given her an STI with inflammation, red bumps, and itching. She sent me a picture and it dawned on me that I had transmitted athlete’s foot.

#2 Ear Damage

“I met a bouncer at a club and we went back to his place. I told him I liked it rough, and he hit me across the head and burst my eardrum. I still have damage in my ear a year later.

#3 Virgin

“I met this guy and we decided to get it on. Turned out he was a virgin and thought my thigh crease was my vagina."

#4 Stomach Virus


“When we were dating, my boyfriend was hinting at wanting a blow job. I was just getting over a wicked stomach virus, but I thought I could manage through it. I was probably 10 seconds in, and this overwhelming urge to vomit hit me. I tried to get up, but it came out before I could get off his dick. He just stared in horror as I heaved.”

#5 Kitten

“I invited my boyfriend over, and everything seemed to be going great. Then my three-month-old kitten thought it was a great idea to play with his balls. I should mention he’s not declawed.”

#6 Stucked Condom

“The condom slid off his penis and got stuck deep inside my vagina. I was about to go to the emergency room until I fished it out with my finger."

#7 Shocked Fireman


“Went out one night with my friend, and came back to her house with a gorgeous fireman. I was sleeping in the spare room with two single beds put together. Midway through sex, he thrusts too hard and the beds separate, causing me to fall on the floor. My friend storms in to see what happened to see me on the floor and a naked fireman standing beside me in absolute shock."


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