7 Times Students Deserved An A+ Just for Their Sense of Humor

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We can all agree that being a student is exacting. From sitting on the classes all day- some which can be quite boring- to doing homework and working hard to pass exams, learning requires a lot of focus and commitment. That is why so many students need writing help to stay atop their studies, whether it is in high school or college. Amd here is what the Typical Student team will tell you about.

Nonetheless, some witty students have come up with out-of-the-box ideas that make school much more fun. Here, we will look at some humorous students pranks and innovations that sure deserved an A+:

  • A Game of Hide and Seek with the Campus Police





A group of college students decided to play a joke on Campus police late at night by playing hide and seek in a fine arts center. A faculty member called the campus police, and after several hours, they couldn’t find any of the disorderly students. Talk about getting the police to play the game!

  • The High School Students Who Hired a Band to Follow Their Principal Around

Some high school students thought it would be funny to have a Mariachi band follow their school principal wherever he went. So, they hired one. Good thing the principal didn’t seem to mind having the band playing music follow him for 4 hours. 

  • The Innovative Art Project That Received an A





A creative college student decided to do something different for their college art project. He drew a stamp on a letter and mailed it to himself. His art was so good that his professor gave him an A. 

  • Graduation from Online School

Who said you couldn’t organize your own graduation? A guy decided that he would graduate by any means possible- even though he was enrolled in an online school. In a picture of himself wearing a graduation gown and hat, the postman hands him his college certificate as they both smile at the camera. 

  • A Student Makes True His Threat to the Teacher for Failing Him on a Test

Ever hated a teacher or lecturer for giving you’re a terrible score in an exam? Well, this student told his teacher that we would crush his car for failing him in an examination- with a dinosaur! He did seem to keep his word as his teacher realized later when he found a dinosaur toy on the windshield of his car. Maybe the student is planning to bring the real dinosaur? 

  • Never Forget Your Student Loan When You Graduate





On graduation day, a witty college student decided to remind her counterparts to pay their student debts. Her graduation cap read “game of loans” in huge letters and finished by reminding everyone that “interest is coming.” Talk about ruining a great day. 

  • Can’t Keep Dr. Hedgeh Down- Or Can You?

Students kept adding the letters “og” on the office door sign of a lecturer by the name Dr. Hedgeh so that it read “Dr. Hedgehog.” The poor lecturer had had enough of the mockery and decided to put a stern warning to whoever was doing it. But guess what? The cheeky culprit added “og” to his name on the notice too. 

Students never seem to run out ideas that are not only creative but also outrightly bold and funny too.


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