Just A Seven-year Long Conversation Between Students

2 years ago



Dominic Craig (@RisingDomino) posted on his Twitter a seven-year long conversation with a girl. He has been texting her once a year throughout these past seven years. So here is how hilarious their conversation went. And here is what the Typical Student team will tell you about!







The girl, Dominic texts every year, doesn’t even have a name, she is known as “Text Her Once A Year”. So these two texted each other some pretty weird stuff.






So after a couple of years of texting each other, they decided to find out who they have been texting all these years. That is why throughout 2016 and 2017 they texted each other “who is this.” Until in 2018 Dominic finally said that he was Patrick.





The girl then asked “Patrick who?” However, Dominic obviously wanted to give this conversation a chance to continue in the future, so he said, “LOL you know who this is!” to what the girl responded, “I don’t.” Meanwhile, other Twitter users found this odd text conversation hilarious and liked and shared this tweet. A user @hunnerdonnaa even replied to Dominic’s tweet, “You are my favorite human.”


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