75,000 UK Students Registered on Adult Sites in 2017 to Pay for Education

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No, it’s not the Secret Diary of a Call Girl, it’s REALITY! According to BuzzFeed, more and more students are becoming sex workers to pay for their education. At least, that’s what recently released student finance survey revealed. The Typical Student team tried to figure out what’s that all about, so read on.


It’s no secret, education and living cost A LOT of money for students in the UK. If you want to get an idea of rough student expenses, see US vs. UK: Where Students Spend More on Education & Living?


More UK Students Becoming Suga Babies, Is That True?



So, what did the UK national student money survey revealed? Let’s take a look at the key findings:

  • 3% of UK students resort to adult work to pay for their studies;
  • 4% of UK students turn to it in a cash crisis;
  • ~1 in 10 students resort to sex work in the case of an emergency;
  • sugar daddy/sugar baby arrangements are one of the most rapidly growing areas of student adult work “activities.”

Where Do Students Find Adult Work?



Websites like SeekingArrangement are the main sources of sex work for UK students. As told by BuzzFeed, in 2017, almost 75,000 UK students registered with the websites, which is 30% more compared to 2016. However, it’s not that easy for most students since they earn money in fear of being punished and discredit their uni.


Not all students sell sex to support their living, some simply enjoy a better lifestyle at their sugar daddies’ expense. But what exactly do the students do in exchange for “better life”? According to a student interviewed by BuzzFeed, being a sugar baby has been her usual way to support her living and covering education expenses in several European countries.


She said that after securing a place at a London business school, she placed an ad on Craigslist. Among 200 replies she “considered accepting offers from between a ¼ and ⅓.” Most men offered her a free place to stay “in exchange for what ranged from ‘the company of a woman’ to sexual acts four times a week.”


Men were willing to provide the female student in exchange for sex, BDSM, findom [financial domination] or just for the ‘girlfriend experience’. Becoming accustomed to a high standard of living while in states, the student came to London where she wanted to continue living a fabulous life. After all, she ended up being a sugar baby and financial dominatrix.


Which UK City Has the Most New Student Signups on Sugar Baby Website?




The data revealed by the survey, suggests the most new SeekingArrangement signups come from Portsmouth (205 more students) pushing the total number of registrations on the site over the 600+ mark. The most rapidly growing sugar baby contingents are in Kent (950), Cambridge (874), and the University of Westminster (801).


Sad to admit, adult work is so popular among UK students that the National Union of Students publishes guidance on safety and the laws. Three years ago, in 2015, a survey revealed that about 5% of UK students had worked in the sex industry, while almost 22% of students had considered it.

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