Urban Dictionary Is Racist And Sexist: These 8 HORRIBLE Definitions Serve As Proof

2 years ago



How many of you are using Urban Dictionary? According to what the New Republic claims, one of the internet's most popular crowd-sourced online dictionaries is racist! The Typical Student team has the receipts!

Started in 1999, Urban Dictionary became the 25th-biggest website in the US that can boast 130 million global views in June 2019. The platform provides multiple slang definitions contributed by users, so naturally, you can come across some nasty staff there. Just take a look.

#1 Barack Obama has many interpretations, "chocolate Jimmy Carter" not being the worst of them: 




#2 Serena Williams also suffered from horribly racist and sexist 'definitions' like the one below: 





#3 Michelle Obama dubbed as "mannish wife of Barack Obama" wasn't lucky either: 




#4 Here comes the definition of black people in general. Sadly, no better than the previous ones:




#5 What do you think about the definition of racism?




#6 N-word also has a number of not very politically correct definitions. Here's the one of the softest: 




#7 Apart from being racist, Urban Dictionary is extremely sexist. How about this top definition for Hilary Clinton?




#8 After the scandalous battery, Rihanna got the following definition on the Urban Dictionary, sadly:



Should Urban Dictionary Continue Its Existence In This Shape?

So, why does a website that has tens of millions of monthly visitors still exist in its present shape? The answer is simple: the website’s "audience skews towards males between the ages 15 to 24," the New York Times reports. Still, this is horrible to think that young men living in the 21st century believe it's normal to refer to Serena Williams as “ape” or to Rihanna as “Chris Brown’s punching bag.”   


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