8 Hysterical "Act My Age" Memes That Are Currently Invading The Twitterverse

2 years ago



You know how fast memes appear on the Twitterverse literally out of nowhere. Well, this time around it's nothing different, as this new "Act My Age" meme has emerged and instantly gone viral. The Typical Student team learned what's the fuss.

It all started with a video showing a mom dancing with her sons to One Direction's "Act My Age". So, Twitter users started sharing the video on Twitter adding a range of hilarious captions like "small mammals after the dinosaurs got wiped out" or "the lower class people in the Titanic."



#1 Bacteria when you don’t finish your antibiotic prescription all the way thru:




#2 Germany, Italy, and Japan after signing the berlin pact and forming the axis powers:




#3 Wolf: and I’ll blow your house down

Three little pigs in the brick house:




#4 Nobody:

The lower class people in the Titanic:




#5 Customer: “can you check the back”

Me and my other coworkers in the back:




#6 Small mammals after the dinosaurs got wiped  out:




#7 The last three dollars in my bank account that survived the weekend:




#8 Adam, Eve, and the snake after they ate the apple:




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