8 PETTY College Dorm Stories That Will Make You Exclaim "WTH?!"

2 years ago




#1 College roommate locks you out of the room: 



f4d870508e: "My first college roommate did terrible things — she'd lock me out of the room and throw my stuff on the floor. I only lived with her for three weeks before I decided to transfer rooms. I was going to leave the clear part of the shower curtain for her so she could still shower, even though it was mine. But, I ended up taking both curtains with me after all that."


#2 Using toothpaste to get your roomie's attention: 



s4f2bcb575: "I lived in a suite with three other girls. One of them would leave toothpaste spit all over our shared mirror and sink. My roommate finally got so annoyed that she circled each dot of toothpaste with a dry-erase marker. We think the girl got the hint because oddly enough, it magically got cleaned up overnight."


#3 Roomie eats entire frosting tub: 



a47f383c0d: "My roommates and I had gotten to the point where everyone needed to write their name on every food item they bought. I once forgot to write my name on a tub of frosting that I was going to use on some cupcakes. One particularly petty roommate ate the entire tub of frosting while I was in class — just because I hadn’t labeled it."


#4 The outrageous theft: 

mairesequin: "Our roommate kept using and breaking everyone else's belongings. One of my other roommates finally told her to stop, but one night while we were hanging out in our living room, this girl came out of our room, walked into the kitchen, and came back holding our blender. She made direct eye contact, and then just walked out of the apartment with it. It took us days to get it back."


#5 The watery welcome: 


erin192581: "My freshman year roommate and I shared a kitchen and bathroom, and I quickly noticed that she wouldn't flush her toilet paper. Every time I brought it up, she got angry about it. Eventually, I became the petty one when her boyfriend started smoking cigarettes in our dorm and I would pour water in his shoes every time he was over."


#6 The vacuum cleaning war: 

alliet41cc0f99d: "My roommate made a HUGE deal about us using her '$150 vacuum' in a post on Twitter. So, that same day, I went out and bought a $400 vacuum, which also happened to be 100,000x newer and nicer than hers. Now, every time I hear her vacuuming, I vacuum at the same time to be sure she notices."


#7 The tin foil horror:  

haylsginge: "In my first year at my university, I lived with seven other people, and one girl thought it was hilarious to wrap everything in my cupboards in tin foil. A day later, I got my revenge, only to find that she had retaliated by hiding my food, pans, and plates in random places throughout the flat. The day I moved out a year later I was still finding things."


#8 The kitchenware scheme: 



lauram468414e52: "This isn't my proudest moment, but my roommate once brought home a guy I really liked and hooked up with him while I was still in the room, half-asleep. I also overheard her tell the guy that 'I didn't care' when he asked if this might bother me. So, I dunked her silverware in the toilet while she was in class, and I watched her eat with it later."




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