8 Student Tweets About Common Things That Unexpectedly Appear LMAO

3 years ago



As the name of the post says, today, the Typical Student team prepared for you a fresh selection from Twitter. These are the student tweets about regular things you see and do every day. However, these pics will unexpectedly make you laugh!


#1 Sneezing

8-student-tweets-about-common-things-1.jpg#2 Couch

8-student-tweets-about-common-things-2.jpg#3 Wall And Towel

8-student-tweets-about-common-things-3.jpg#4 Your Face

8-student-tweets-about-common-things-4.jpg#5 Morning Minutes

8-student-tweets-about-common-things-5.jpg#6 Coffee

8-student-tweets-about-common-things-6.jpg#7 Bags

8-student-tweets-about-common-things-7.jpg#8 Games


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