8 Things Any Student Should Do Before Graduating to Make Their College Life Remarkable

3 years ago



Without a doubt, when you were at school, you definitely wanted to enter a college. Not for higher education reasons but just because college students always seem to be cool guys. However, as soon as you become one of them, you understood how wrong you were. Now you must be waiting for graduation…

Still, the next level is even harder. You’d better stay at uni because if there’s something more exhausting that education, it’s certainly adultness. So, while you are safe from this point, the Typical Student team has something unusual for you. In this post, we selected 8 cozy and funny things students should do before graduating. How to make your college life remarkable? Let’s see!


#1 Get epic fancy dress costume. Luckily, college is the place, which allows you wearing whatever you want. Now it’s time to try something shamelessly designed.







#2 Be a part of a student protest. Even if you are not interested in the subject, try it! It’s an awesome change to practice before adult life, which has so many problems for you.








#3 Support the sports team of your college. It brings a very special atmosphere even if you’re not into sports. And there’s so much fun!






#4 Throw a real house party! Since you are a student, it won’t need any preparations. Just make sure you have big speakers, loud friends, and strong alcohol! By the way, you should invite everyone/ Every single person you met.







#5 Get a part-time job. It’s another preparation before adultness.







#6 Write something for a local student newspaper, so you will have what to how in a bar or pub.








#7 Go to the pub with all your fellows from uni and make sure that you will be present on the morning lection after a sleepless night. This is an old good student tradition.








#8 Look for internships. It provides an unbelievable life experience!




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