8 Twilight Renaissance Memes and Memories To Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Saga

2 years ago



Millennials may love or hate "Twilight", but no one can deny the significance of the cultural imprint the book and film have made on the generation. The "Twilight" movie trilogy brought actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to stardom. The fandom of the Twilight universe consisting of mostly young females was known for the tension between Team Edward and Team Jacob and epic trailer reaction videos. 

Believe it or not, the franchise marks its 10th anniversary in October, 2018, so the Twihards/Twilighters/Fanpires are celebrating in their own way. The trilogy fans are sharing the "Twilight renaissance" memes on Tumblr, so the Typical Student team couldn't stay aside. See the best Twilight memes below.

#1 The "Twilight" love never dies: 


#2 How about some drama:


#3 Some are demanding the Rosalie Lilian Hale spin-off 10 years later:


#4 Turns out, Jacob was the only straight one:


#5 No way!


#6 Tumblr still remembers:


#7 The infamous Twilight color scheme

twilight-renaissance-memes-02#8 Who didn't have the Twilight wallpaper on their desktop?


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