9 HOT Profs Share The Strangest Thing They Overheard Students Said About Them

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All students crush on their hot profs, and of course they talk about it! Sometimes, however, these convos get overheard by the profs themselves, and that's when the fun begins. This time around, the Typical Student team listed 9 HOT Profs Share The Strangest Thing They Overheard Students Said About Them.




"I was an average looking high school teacher. That's really all it takes. I had more than one student say I had a nice ass within earshot of me. I was told by other students that "so and so likes you" and I'd only notice it after they mentioned it but then it was obvious. I had one girl pull the "I'll do anything for a higher grade." I had one girl in a six inch skirt lift her leg to my eye level (I was sitting) to "show me her new shoes." I was spanked on two separate occasions. The list goes on. Kids are crazy" 





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The strangest thing I ever overheard about myself was while I was teaching at an all boys private high school. One of them whispered to another, "she's so chill, she never gets bitchy, you can never tell when she's on her period." 






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This isn't from a student, but in my freshman year of high school I walked in on the entire baseball coaching staff discussing the various ways they wished to f--- the Spanish teacher.






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At my high school, the hot art teacher that all the guys lusted after married the hot biology teacher that all the girls lusted after. An entire school of broken hearts... :( 






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