9 Memes About Dumbest Things That Have Ever Happened To Students Online

3 years ago



Can you imagine what can be better than starting your day by watching the way idiots try to communicate? Well, it certainly cheers one up! To celebrate the upcoming ending of the school week, the Typical Student team prepared for you 9 memes about dumbest things that students write on social media. Take a closer look!


#1 4th of July celebration

9-memes-dumbest-things-happened-to-students-online-1.jpg#2 This secret question

9-memes-dumbest-things-happened-to-students-online-2.jpg#3 Nuff said

9-memes-dumbest-things-happened-to-students-online-3.jpg#4 Biology lesson

9-memes-dumbest-things-happened-to-students-online-4.jpg#5 Backwards B

9-memes-dumbest-things-happened-to-students-online-5.jpg#6 #wondering

9-memes-dumbest-things-happened-to-students-online-6.jpg Tags#7 The lack of comma

9-memes-dumbest-things-happened-to-students-online-8#8 Let them guess


#9 The tragedy



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