9 Tweets Showing How Students See Black Friday

2 years ago



Although there are still almost 3 weeks to wait for Black Friday, we all can feet the spirit of this day. Do you think Black Friday is something like a cozy autumn day with friends and new goods? Because it is not! Black Friday is a real war for shoppers. Today, the Typical Student team selected for you 9 tweets about how students see Black Friday.


#1 Parrots For Everyone

9-tweets-how-students-see-black-friday-1.jpg#2 The Only Black Day I Have

9-tweets-how-students-see-black-friday-2.jpg#3 Any Special Deals?

9-tweets-how-students-see-black-friday-3.jpg#4 They Should!

9-tweets-how-students-see-black-friday-4.jpg#5 All We Can Afford

9-tweets-how-students-see-black-friday-5.jpg#6 That’s It!

9-tweets-how-students-see-black-friday-6.jpg#7 BF Be Like…

9-tweets-how-students-see-black-friday-7.jpg#8 When You Are Broke

9-tweets-how-students-see-black-friday-8.jpg#9 Top Promo



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