Back To The Late ‘90s: Students Sharing Nostalgia Vibes On Twitter

22 days ago



Without a doubt, you never know, which thing or place is going to become viral! Today it’s all about the late ‘90s! One user Asked on Twitter: what did you have in 1998 that you no longer have in 2018? Let the Typical Student show you what modern students think about your favorite time.


#1 TV

90s-nostalgia-vibes-on-twitter-1.jpg#2 Bubble Furniture

90s-nostalgia-vibes-on-twitter-2.jpg#3 Tomogachi

90s-nostalgia-vibes-on-twitter-3.jpg#4 Tolerance

90s-nostalgia-vibes-on-twitter-4.jpg#5 Our Price

90s-nostalgia-vibes-on-twitter-5.jpg#6 SMTV Live

90s-nostalgia-vibes-on-twitter-6.jpg#7 Sega 1998



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