A-Level Results ANNOUNCED: 8 Out of 10 University Courses in UK STILL Have Vacancies

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In a few weeks, the new academic term is about to begin. Still, as told by the Sun, UK universities have a total of 27K courses with vacancies on them! Why do students turn their backs on education? The Typical Student team tried to figure out the statistic. Previously, we told you UK Students Should Try These 4 GCSEs Alternative Courses for a Change!



Source: Birmingham Mail


As reported by the Sun, 8 out of 10 university courses in British universities still have vacancies weeks before September! This is a risky trend with many young people becoming disillusioned in higher ed. More and more high school graduates prefer to start work early, instead of pursuing higher education.


Sutton Trust Study: Key Findings


Source: Daily Express

The Sutton Trust poll arrived just when the sixth-formers across England, Wales and Northern Ireland learn their A-level results. The study held by Sutton Trust, shows quite concerning findings:

  • number of students who consider university education important has decreased by 13% in the past five years.
  • Russell Group universities have 4,000 course vacancies
  • 32% of school grads were “very likely” to go on to university or college (almost a 10% decrease from 41% in 2009).

a-levels-results-2018-01Source: The Times

The education officials claim the “figures had been steadily declining since 2009.” Kids from disadvantaged backgrounds were less likely to consider going on to higher education. Academic achievement is going to drop: the number of students getting the highest marks is tending to decrease because of changes in modules and exams.

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