Admission Scandal Revealed: Tokyo Medical University Messed Exam Scores of Female Students On Purpose

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Another admission scandal suddenly comes to light. As reported by the BBC News, Tokyo Medical University has made a public apology for messing with the entrance exam scores. The Typical Student team previously told you how Algeria Shuts Off Internet to Stop 700,000 Students from Cheating at Exams. This time, university was the one to cheat on its students.


Less Female Students at Tokyo Medical University


tokyo-medical-university-exam-scores-02Source: BBC News


According to the results of internal investigation held at Tokyo Medical University (TMU), the university officials “had been manipulating the scores of female applicants from as early as 2006.” It has also come to light that male applicants who have applied to the TMU at least four times, had their scores marked down.


More importantly, TMU admitted adding points to the entry scores of 19 students who had previously made rich donations. During the press-conference held on Tuesday, the managing director of TMU publicly apologized on behalf of the university saying:


"We betrayed the public trust. We want to sincerely apologise for this."


How Many Female Students Lost Their Chance to Study at TMU?


tokyo-medical-university-exam-scores-01Source: BBC News


First reported by a major daily newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun, the incident sparked national outrage. An anonymous source claimed the university officials were deliberately decreasing the number of female entrants due to “concerns female graduates were not going on to practice medicine in employment.”


The shocking admission statistic shows that in 2010 (prior to, allegedly, introducing this drastic measure) only 40% of the total number of students were female!


In 2018, after completing the 2-round application process, only 30 female applicants were accepted to study alongside 141 men (21% of the overall amount of students are female).


Keisuke Miyazawa, vice-president of TMU pledged that from now on, the entrance exams campaign is going to be fair.

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