How Working Adults Can Get an Affordable Degree: Check This $100M Worth Online Community College

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If you’ve been dreaming about getting a degree, here’s the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you must not miss! California Governor Jerry Brown has just put forth the idea to create a community college for working adults entirely online! According to the official statement, the college will offer certificate and credentialing programs meant to adapt young people to the “needs of an evolving marketplace.”

The initiative gained so much support among the Cali officials, they’ve included $100 million in the 2018 state budget. Another $20 million is to be allocated to support the online community college annually.


Online Community College Student Profile

The provided budget summary also includes a profile of a typical student enrolled in the online community college. It is an adult aged 25-34 with a high school diploma or some college education, without a degree. The estimated reach of the program is approximately 2.5 million people.


According to the official statement, this is a "stranded worker" or a working adult who can't attend college in person.

Online Community College Courses


According to the official proposal, the online community college will offer сourses in the following areas:

  • advanced manufacturing
  • healthcare
  • service sector
  • in-home support services
  • child development and more.

Online Community College Tuition & Fees

As suggested in the offer, one of the main priorities is making college education affordable. The “cost per unit structure” will be set by the Legislature. An experimental tuition model will be authorized for students: a subscription model to take as many courses as possible within a set time period. The general per-unit fee, as well as any fee structure, would include a fee waiver option.

The online community college plans to enroll the first cohort of students by the end of 2019. Learn more about the admission details by checking the Online Community College FAQs

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