After His Bike Got Stolen, This Guy Became 'The Peddler' Who Fights Bike Crime

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Reddit just can't get enough of The Peddler, who's literally the new Batman, but fighting the bike theft. An anonymous hero from South London went viral on Reddit after he posted on r/IAmA subreddit. In the picture, one can see a guy in a flourescent jacket wearing a black helmet on his head.  The caption read as follows: "This guy calling himself "the peddler" wearing a velodrome helmet and balaclava is returning stolen bikes (including mine) from online sellers and patrolling the streets making sure bikes are properly locked up and registered online. He was just interviewed on the radio!" 

The Typical Student team learned more about The Peddler and he got his well-deserved fame. Who knows, maybe he's a student in disguise?


How the Peddler Appeared?

An anonymous Londoner who goes by the name thepeddler1:




Reddit users got interested in The Peddler's persona, so they started asking him questions in the thread. 

#1 The Peddler shared a scenario of his typical patrols:



#2 Also, he told why he can't change his name to "Mumen Rider": 




#3 Turns out, the Peddler's bike was stolen, he was so deeply traumatized with this fact that chose to fight the bike crime:




#4 User who goes by the nickname 'ratibar' asked the Peddler about his most memorable experience in fighting bike theft. Also, the Peddler was asked if he has any arch enemies:




#5 A user who goes by the nickname 'The_Scrunt' suggested our hero should be called 'The Pedaller' instead of 'The Peddler'. And, the user named 'ItsAlkorn' asked him about his favorite 2am snack:




If you're interested in learning more about The Peddler's adventures, check out his podcast on BBC radio (skip forward 1 hour and 15 minutes of the recording).


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