"Alien" Inspired Spring Play Produced By New Jersey High School Students Goes Viral (VIDEO INSIDE)

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Drama club students at North Bergen High School in New Jersey have the internet talking with their new spring play based on Ridley Scott’s fiction film "Alien." The play staged on March 19 and March 22 this past week took Reddit on blast with the details of the production. The Typical Student team learned more about an unusual student play. 


Unusual Student Play 

Student play follows the plot of the film "with a few scenes added to kill time for scene changes." Believe it or not, creative students even made a trailer for their production and put it out on YouTube earlier this month. And, we have to admit, the whole thing looks quite impressive with the precision and level of detail in the sets and costumes. Indeed, "Alien" is not a simple story to tell, just take intricate costumes and visual effects. In the students' play, one can see the re-enactment of "scenes like Kane’s implantation and later death by chest-burster, and sets like the space jockey."



Also, the students put their effort into creation of the Xenomorph and space suit costumes. The play sets included functioning airlock doors. All the props and costumes were built from recycled materials. At that, no funding came from the school, as the students had raised all the money to pay for the production themselves. 




Alien Student Play Had A Huge Success

The play had such a huge succes that Entertainment Weekly dedicated an article to the whole thing.  Perfecto Cuervo, the drama teacher at North Bergen High School, said that he was a 'huge fan of the movie." Two weeks have been spent to script the play. Extra videos showing the scene at the end of the film when Ridley tricks the xenomorph out of the airlock can be found in Alex Fernandez' Twitter @bhsdrew:





The play wasn't left unnoticed by the official Alien twitter as @AlienAnthology sent their kudos to students:




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