Series of Unique Animal Experiments Prove Gaming Isn't That Bad!

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Animals understand a lot more than we can even imagine. Despite their relatively modest cognitive abilities in comparison to humans, they have their own idea of what’s unacceptable. For instance, this doggo video that has recently gone viral. Typically, parents disapprove of their kids playing violent video games. This time something went wrong, and the family dog turned out to be the one who’s disapproving.

YouTube user Zane Schwartz posted a video of his mom playing Call of Duty WWII. While Zane’s mother was shooting the enemy down with much enthusiasm, the dog looked “concerned by the whole situation.” While sitting next to his owner, the dog recoiled each gunshot before looking directly into the camera.

Cat Thinks He’s Playing a Video Game

Another YouTuber and DOOM enthusiast, 1ntegress, posted a video of his cat thinking he’s playing the infamous shooter. In the video, the cat is sitting in front of the screen, and paying close attention to what’s going on. Then, he stands up on his hind legs and reacts to the whole situation obviously thinking he’s playing the game.

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

Interested in taking up an animal-related apprenticeship? Or maybe, you’re looking for materials for your animal-related post-grad work? Here’s a brilliant idea to use for your research. The scientists Austria have discovered that teaching old dogs to play games on a touch screen might postpone their cognitive decline. The researchers from the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna found that brain training can slow the process of brain deterioration. However, the elderly dogs are rarely introduced to such training.

According to DailyMail, the research correlated computer games for elderly dogs to Sudoku puzzles played by elderly humans. Lisa Wallis, the study author, explained the importance of this discovery, since older dogs aren't challenged with the same frequency as younger dogs.

Much like humans, dog have a different scale of learning abilities. For instance, dogs that were bred as hunters and taught to retrieve or herd learn faster than others because they are quicker on their feet. On the contrary, the dogs bred as livestock guards or taught to track scents are slower.

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