Apple vs. Google vs. Microsoft: Who’s Next to Invade Classrooms?

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The latest Apple event revealing the new iPad equipped with an Apple drawing pencil has caused quite a stir in the realm of educational technology. The biggest tech corporation in the world revealed new hardware and AR-boosted classroom software. Also, Apple is about to launch special software for educators and roll out a 200GB iCloud offer for students. But is Apple really offering anything we haven't seen before? Most critics believe there are more affordable alternatives to what is being offered to school kids and teachers by the corporation founded by Steve Jobs.

Google and Microsoft keep pace with technology innovation, so there have been plenty of gadgets and apps targeted at both teachers and students from these two corporations. The core strategy used by the corporations is creating special 'education edition' of well-known software used by many. Google Suite together with education edition of Minecraft offered by Microsoft are just a few examples.

Market Shares Intel: Who's the Leader? 

Last year, Apple Inc. didn't seem to make any palpable advances at education sphere. At least this is proven by its 15% market share. The price tag put on the latest iPad edition supplied with Apple stylus isn't very affordable. The iPad student offer price is set to $299, plus $99 for the native Apple stylus.

On the other hand, Google and Microsoft  had more impressive results with 59.8% and 22.3% market shares, respectively. These two have found an alternative way of invading US classrooms with low-cost computers. Presented gadgets run on Chrome OS and Windows 10 Education Edition and have a modest price range starting from $179.

AR applications and gamification in education are the nearest future of the corporations’ educational invasion. On their latest presentation, Apple Inc. presented Froggipedia app allowing to dissect a frog in virtual reality. On the other hand, Google and Microsoft have previously presented Expeditions AR Pioneer Program and Mixed Reality VR Headsets & Hololens, respectively. Discover the latest achievements presented by the corporations in the realm of education using the infographics.


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