Did You Know: Art Students in UK Sleep 5.9 Hours and Are The MOST Sleep Deprived

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Sleep deprivation is a usual thing for most students. All of us know how awful lack of sleep feels. Do you have any idea, how much sleep students get on average? Finals surely take their toll on students making them feel stress and snxiety. Previously, Typical Student Procrastibaking: SWEETEST Way of Dealing With Exam Stress & Anxiety, and supplied you with these awesome infographics to make you less stress-ridden:

Going back to sleep issues, The Tab just carried out an in-depth investigation of the matter and launched the The Tab’s Stress and Sleep Survey 2018. Over 4,000 respondents shared their experience about stress, anxiety, and sleep deprivation at uni and the results have been quite shocking!




What Are The Tab’s Stress and Sleep Survey 2018 Results?


Turns out, Art students in the UK sleep the least getting 5.912 hours of sleep on average. Maybe, this is due to all the drug abuse artistic personalities are prone to? Who knows.

  • Architecture students get a bit more sleep - 5.978 hours per night on average.
  • Music students are the third in sleep brevity with 6.242 hours per night on average.
  • History and PPE students are fourth and fifth on the results list with an average of 6.4 hours a night.

So, who’s the luckiest to get the most sleep than everybody else? Agriculture students enjoy the luxury of sleeping over 7.875 hours a night! Didn’t see that coming! They say, the future architects are so hungover from their legendary initiations, they choose to sleep over everything else.


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