Autocorrect Let This College Prof Down And It's Ridiculous

3 years ago



Screenshots with autocorrect fails have already become classic. The Typical Student team keeps sharing hilarious viral stories about student text exchange. This time this college teacher just wanted to casually answer to his student’s text, but his autocorrect had some other plans.

Mr. Smith got a text message from one of his students that read, “Hey, Mr. Smith. I was wondering if I could retake last week’s test?” Well, obviously, Mr. Smith was against retaking texts, so he texted his student back and gave a firm rejection, “No, you cunt.” Well, quite rude, isn’t it? So everything the student managed to answer to that outrageous text message was, “…”




Then Mr. Smith understood what exactly in his message was wrong and texted his student this, “Oh! I meant CAN’T. Autocorrect, I’m sorry.” But this student was far more brilliant than Mr. Smith thought, so the student answered, “Mr. Smith…autocorrect uses the most frequently used word…”

So at this point Mr. Smith understood that he was in a big trouble and texted his student, “So when do you want to take the test?” Well, seems like a happy ending. Let’s just hope that the student passed that test and never texted Mr. Smith again.


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