Back-To-School Timeline: When Popular US Universities Begin Academic Year in 2018

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Have you ever noticed that school year has different term dates for different schools? To say more, in US many schools go back at different times! It depends on the state. The same thing is for colleges and universities. Today, the Typical Student team will tell you when the academic year starts in US! Are you sure that you know the right date? Let’s see!


When Do Harvard Students Go Back to University?


When it comes to Harvard, you can breath out. The fall semester begins September, 4 and there will be no other options. By the way, it’s Tuesday.


What About Stanford?


If you are going to Stanford, keep in mind that the fall quarter starts September, 4 but don’t miss the next dates.

  • August 27 (Mon) M.D. will be the first day of instruction for first-year students.
  • August 30 (Thu) M.D. is the first day of instruction for second-year students.
  • September 4 (Tue) is the time for 1st-year J.D. students to enter Law School instruction.
  • September 14 (Fri) M.B.A. 1st-year instructions begin.
  • September 24 (Mon) First day of quarter; instruction begins.

When Does Yale Fall Semester Begin?


Luckily, Yale won’t make its students remind lots of dates. Autumn 2018, classes start on August, 29.


Going to MIT This Fall?


  • Well, we can’t say the same thing about MIT students. In case, you were accepted to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, view out these dates:
  • Registration Day will be September, 4. It’s also the deadline to change a spring term Exploratory subject to listener status. Plus, don’t forget that graduate registration opens for first quarter Physical Education classes, 8 AM.

The first day of classes will be September, 5.


Fall Semester Timeline in Other US Universities


Princeton students start their fall semester on September, 1.


At Howard University formal classes begin Monday, August 20.


The University of Chicago begins college orientation Saturday, September 22. This academic year 2018-2019, the Autumn quarter begins Monday, October 1.

Students enrolled in the majority of schools at the University of Columbia begin their classes September, 4.


Students in the University of Pennsylvania begin their classes August, 28.


Finally, for Duke University students autumn semester begins August, 27.

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