What It's Like Being a Student of the Harvard Medical School

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Julia Plan, a student of the Harvard Medical School, got candid with the Crimson Education about her daily routine as a Harvard Med School student. The Typical Student team reports the most interesting takeouts from the conversation. 

Med Student't Daily Routine




Julia wakes up every day around 6-7 in the morning and goes straight to the hospital to check on the patients that she is working with. After that she joins rounds. The rest of her day can be different, she can check on the patients and do some procedures or go to the operating room to see some really interesting cases. Once Julia is finally at home she does her studies and tries to relax a little bit in order to prepare herself for the next day.

Why Medical School?





Julia says that for her medicine is a perfect combination of science and humanities. According to her, as a doctor you always think about science in order to help your patients, but you also have to know how to get along with different people. So she’s looking forward to becoming a pediatrician and working with kids, because they are super cute and do hilarious things

What Is It Like to Study at the Harvard Med School?





Her first year of studying Julia literally spent in the classroom. She was learning about medicine, anatomy, and pathophysiology. Beginning from the second year she started her practice in the clinic where she was able to try different types of medicine, and that is how she decided to become a pediatrician. Third and fourth years are more flexible, she has classes and clinic practice as well as interesting research projects. Julia says that Harvard Medical School is the best med school ever. See the full interview below:



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