Being a Freshman at the Tulane University: A Real Student’s Story

2 years ago



Freshman year in college is probably the most exciting period of every student’s life. Today, the Typical Student team prepared for you a story of one fresher. Eliza Neely, a student of the Tulane University, recently has shared her freshman year story. Eliza says that, of course, her freshman year was rather tough but quite lovely though. And obviously, the hardest thing was moving out and living far away from her family and friends.


The Most Exciting Things

being-freshman-at-tulane-university-3.pngThe most exciting thing about college, according to Eliza, is making new friends and getting to know new people. She says as well that real friends make you feel like home. Eliza really likes her university because of its diversity. There are a lot of students of different nationalities from all over the United States at Tulane and she loves it.


Adult Decisions

being-freshman-at-tulane-university-1.pngEliza also says that she loves living in New Orleans because it’s a magnificent old city that has a lot of fancy festivals and holidays interesting for students. Eliza claims that it’s impossible to be unhappy in the city where there is a fancy invent every weekend. Eliza has not decided yet which major to choose, but she focuses on humanities and says that she feels okay about her future, because her university doesn’t put pressure on her because she hasn’t chosen her major yet. Eliza says that she really misses her home and especially fall because there is literally no fall in New Orleans. However, she doesn’t regret her decision to enter Tulane University and claims that her freshman year in college was a truly exciting experience.

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