Popular YouTuber Answers Common Question About Being Student Girl In Engineering

2 years ago



Natalie Barbu has just graduated from college and tells about her experience of being a girl in Engineering. And today the Typical Student team is about to share with you her story!

How many girls are there in the Engineering classes?

Natalie says that she wasn’t the only girl in her class, moreover, she claims that almost half of the students in her class were girls.

Was Natalie discriminated at classes because she is a girl?





Natalie says that she had never experienced any kind of discrimination at college. Nobody was making fun of her just because she was a girl. However, she claims that she doesn’t say it’s not happening at all.

How do people react when they find out about Natalie’s major?

According to Natalie, most people just can’t believe that a pretty girl who loves fashion and makes YouTube videos is in Engineering. And this, in her opinion, is huge discrimination.

Why girls usually don’t go into Engineering?





Natalie points out the following reasons why there are so few girls in Engineering: lack of a female role model, gender stereotyping, and family instability.

Why should girls go into Engineering?

Natalie thinks that girls shouldn’t be afraid of choosing Engineering as their major, especially if they like it. She says that girls do not have smaller brains and are completely capable of studying Engineering. Natalie also adds that this major would provide you with a well-paid job, so why not?


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