Odds And Adds Of Being An International Student At Florida University

2 years ago



Maria from Colombia told INTO Study how it is really like to be an international student at the University of South Florida. Today, the Typical Student team will answer the most popular questions.

How did she become an international student?



Maria says that she loved English language from the moment she was studying it at school and this is when she started dreaming about studying abroad.

Why the University of South Florida?





Florida reminds Maria her hometown in Colombia. She says it’s vibrant, beautiful, and welcoming. She also adds that she chose to study finance because she is a social person and she wants to become a financial manager. Maria loves the University of South Florida for its unconventional classes and great professors.

Maria’s usual day





Maria’s day begins at 8 am, she revises her homework and after that, she goes for breakfast with her friends. After her classes, Maria goes either to a boxing club or gym. Maria says that she loves spending her evenings with her friends at the Tampa Riverwalk. So this how her usual day looks like.

Maria about her experience




When Maria was applying for the University of South Florida three years ago, she was thinking of an affordable place to learn English and to meet different people. However, she claims that USF has given her so much more like the opportunities to explore herself and to help others.

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