Student Experience: Is Applying for MIT Engineering Department a Good Idea?

3 years ago



The Typical Student team keeps telling you the real-life student stories Garrett Parrish, a senior MIT student, shared his daily routine with Crimson Education.

Daily Routine of MIT Student



Garrett usually wakes up at 8 o’clock in the morning and starts getting ready for the day. Every morning Garrett has his favorite breakfast – Trader Joe’s raspberry oatmeal and then he leaves the house about 9.30. However, he doesn’t have classes in the morning, so he works on his music, homework, or other projects he is working on. Then Garret has lunch and goes to his afternoon classes. After the classes, he usually has rehearsals or some other meetings connected with his activities. He comes back home for dinner and hanging out with friends and then he goes to bad.



Living at MIT Frat

Garrett lives in a coed literary fraternity of about 60 students which is called The Number Six Club. So despite the fact that it’s privately owned, he lives on campus. Garrett says that his roommates and he socialize, eat, work, and go out together. He claims that it’s a really wonderful community. Moreover, there are a lot of international students there and it’s really interesting for Garrett to be exposed to different cultures from all over the world.


Why MIT Engineering Department Is So Special?




In Garrett’s opinion, MIT Engineering Department is special because the professors there are the people who actually invented some of the modern technologies, and the opportunity to study with such people is simply stunning. Besides, he also adds that at MIT you will never have to worry that you are learning the right thing. So Garrett definitely recommends entering MIT.



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