Benefits of Fast Typing For Students

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How does the thought of having a super-sonic typing speed sound to you? It can be such a great experience. By the way, it took me 20 seconds to type the first two sentences. But we are not here to see who types faster than the other. Rather, we want to help you achieve the best typing speed as a student. 

The fast-typing is what is commonly known as touch typing. This means you can comfortably hit those keys on the keyboard without the need for looking at their placement. If you can make your WPM (Word Per Minute) typing fast, you will benefit in many ways. You just have to learn about a few tips that can help you improve your typing speed. How would you know if you have the ideal typing speed? Check out this amazing post to help you determine the ideal typing speed.

Now, assuming that you have known what the average is and recommended typing speed for a student, you need to learn about their benefits. Why do you need to have a good typing speed in the first place? That is what we’ll be discussing in this article, so let’s get started.

1. It Saves Time




Okay, it's obvious that typing fast will save you a lot of time. Assume you have a project that is about 1500+ words long, and you need to submit in the morning. You also need enough time to sleep for you to have a better concentration the next day in class. Your time tells you it’s already 8:30 PM. If you make up your mind to start typing the research paper at 9:00 PM, you can be done by 10:00 if you have an average typing speed of 30 WPM. But if you are a typing genius and you can perfectly key in 50 WPM, you will be done with that project in just 30 minutes. 

That’s just how much fast typing can save you time. But if you are the snail of the keyboard and you can only manage 10 WPM, be sure of taking not less than 2 hours to complete that work. 

So, having a sonic speed at typing can save you a lot of time. By the way, you can find the best courses to help you improve your typing speed for the best. Just make sure you find a course that suits you as a student. 

2. Better Focus

This is yet another benefit of typing fast. You see, when you are touch typing, you will have your eyes specifically on the screen of your computer [and maybe the research paper]. You won’t have to look at the keyboard to scan for the needed keys. Your eyes will be fixed at the screen while your fingers will hover around the keyboard as they hit the right keys. 

In this case, you’ll improve your focus. By the way, whenever you look down trying to find a specific key, you will lose concentration. If you were flowing with a specific story and you happen to start looking for a key, the story will be interrupted, and the initial flow will be cut short.

So, the faster you type [without looking at the keyboard], the more focused you will be.

3. You’ll Be More Productive 




Now, this is yet another obvious benefit. Try looking at our previous points. We first said that you'd save time in your typing and also, you’ll have a better focus. Now, combine the two, and you will have a productive experience with your fast typing.

Since you are typing at high speed, you will finish your research paper faster, which then gives you room to do something else. You can even start working on a different paper or even start reading for another paper. When you are typing at high speed, you will get the time to engage in other stuff that will make you more productive in the end.

4. Better Accuracy/Editing

When you are good at touch typing, you will not just save time, be more focused and productive. Rather, it also helps you to better your accuracy. In other words, you will know where the typos are and edit them easily.

Some online typing tools can help you test your typing speed and also learn how to avoid too many typos as your fingers run on the keys. Since your eyes will be glued to the screen as you type, you will have less time to check for mistakes in your writing. In most cases, you will already know where the errors are and maybe correct them in advance. Keep in mind that you will only get better when you practice more with the relevant tools.

5. Improved Posture 




You might wonder how this is possible when you type fast, but it is very much possible. Yes, it is the same thing to type slow or fast with your posture. Reason being, you will have to sit in the same posture as you do so. 

But touch typing can help you improve your posture in many ways. First off, the courses available will teach you how you need to place your hands for you to reduce putting too much pressure on them. But on the other hand, it will help you prevent sitting in the same position for too long. We all know that you can deliver some back pain when you sit in one posture for too long without taking a break. Assume you have two 1500+ words papers that need to be typed. If you are the 50 WPM typist, you can be done with that in about an hour. That would save you time and also allow you to stretch while preventing the pressure on the wrists and the back.

As we have stated, your typing speed will be determined by how much you practice and the specific typing courses that you use. You can also use some useful tips to help you improve your typing speed accordingly. 

So yes, you need to improve your typing speed if you want to enjoy all the benefits that come with it. While it might not happen in a fortnight, you still need to practice as many times as possible to get better at it. 

Writing an essay could be a dread task for many students. Doesn’t matter what the topic is about, one may find it difficult to start doing it. You may simply get stuck. Then the despair hits in. But don’t worry, it happens to all of us.

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