BEST Relaxation for Students: Have You Tried ASMR?

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As a student, you often feel pressure from extensive studying and exam preparation. If you love meditation, you’ll definitely love ASMR.

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is an abbreviation used to describe an experience of a static-like/tingling sensation on the skin beginning on the scalp, then moving down the back of the neck and upper spine. ASMR can bring the experience of "low-grade euphoria" expressed with positive feelings and a tactile response. In most times, it is triggered by specific acoustic or visual stimuli.

In case the explanation above doesn’t make much sense to you, let’s put it more simple, ASMR is an audio/video meditation that generates a satisfactory sensation. These videos involve triggers like whispering, scratching, blowing, gentle tapping, or even crunching slime. High school and college students admit ASMR helps them relax and get distracted from extensive studying routine.

Still, not everyone may find ASMR videos relaxing. There are people who don’t get any pleasurable sensations, but rather feel bored or even a little disturbed by the sounds heard in the videos. Trying ASMR as a meditation alternative is a great way to discover more about yourself. So, why don’t you start with experiences favored by many?

ASMR Experience: Where Do I Start?

Typical Student team have collected top 4 YouTube Channels for you to enjoy your first ASMR experience. Go ahead and explore the new world of sound meditation!

1.2M Subscribers

Maria, also known as the Gentle Whisperer, easily sends shivers up and down the spines of her subscribers. The blogger won't disclose how much she's making, however, she said it’s enough for having a "comfortable living." Maria’s main incentive is not doing her ASMR because of money, but more because she helps people to de-stress and relax. Currently, Gentle Whispering is the most popular ASMR channel on YouTube.  

459K Subscribers

Outside YouTube, Ephemeral Rift goes by the name Paul whose main focus is experimental and character driven ASMR. In one of his Q&A’s Paul has confessed that he works an 8 hour job, then spends 3-6 hours at night creating his ASMR videos. Nighttime is the best to reduce noise. The Ephemeral Rift channel is inspired by the universe of H.P.Lovecraft with references to Cthulhu and other characters in the videos.

502K Subscribers

Owing to her sweet appearance and personality as well as a vast range of genres,  Heather Feather has claimed her place among the renowned YouTube ASMRists. On the channel, one can find role plays, ear cleanings, sound assortments, guided meditations, and relaxation videos. Heather once admitted spending more time doing her videos than working on her actual job. When she started doing ASMR, her family didn’t know exactly what that was, so they were afraid she was doing porn. After the explanation, her grandma started sewing costumes for her.     

482K Subscribers

Another one among the top YouTube’s channels is ASMRrequests. Here one will find experiments with soft sounds like paper crinkling, whispering, fingernails tapping, etc. One of the recent trends is soap cutting ASMR. Viewers describe the sensation induced by the videos showing soap being cut in pieces as relaxing and satisfactory. So, if you’re looking for some exciting triggers, give this one a try!

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