BEST Software Deals for US Students in 2018

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These days most of the students cannot imagine their lives without a computer or a smartphone. We literally live online 24/7 and can’t help checking our phones again and again. Smartphone addiction might become a huge problem of our time, however, living without computers and internet is no longer possible. Nevertheless, modern gadgets and software can be pretty expensive, especially for students.


For instance, MacBook costs from $1249, iMac Pro from $4599, and regular annual pay for Adobe Creative Cloud suit is $600. Not even speaking about the fact that an average student needs at least several applications for studying each of which can cost up to $600 or even more. With Apple, Microsoft and Google gradually invading classrooms new hardware and software is becoming more accessible for students. Today, Typical Student is going to tell you how you can get software that you need cheap and without low violation?


Well, a huge amount of software manufacturers provide various discounts. Furthermore, there are a lot of software offers for students only. As a student, you have a lot of opportunities to get a discount. And actually these discounts can be not only on software, but also on clothes, cosmetics, food, and any kind of other stuff that an average student needs. Check out the best software offers for students that we prepared for you!

  • Apple Education Store

Apple Educational Pricing allows you to save on the most useful for studying products such as iMac, MacBook, and iPad. Apple also gives students up to 50 per cent discount on Apple Music and AppleCare. Besides, all these discounts are not only for students, but also for parents buying goods for students. Find out more information in Apple Education Store.



  • FREE Microsoft Office 365 Education

Microsoft not only offers a huge variety of educational programs, but also provides great discounts. You can receive 10% off all Windows devices, but undoubtedly, the best thing that they offer is free Office 365 Education. It is completely free for students and teachers as well and includes Word, Excel, Power Point, OneNote, and Microsoft Teams. You can get Microsoft Office 365 Education in Microsoft Education Store for FREE.


  • Adobe Photosop for $5

Adobe offers an unbelievable huge discount on their Creative Cloud suit for students. Instead of $600 annual pay you will get a full version Adobe Photoshop just for $5! However, this offer is for younger students only and college students can buy Creative Cloud suit for $420 per year or $300 per device. You can find more information about Adobe discounts at Adobe Creative Cloud.


  • Sony Creative Software

You can buy Sony Creative Software products with great discounts at their academic and non-profit resellers. Find out more information about Sony Creative Software discounts at Sony Creative Software portal.


  • ABBYY Discounts for Students

Abbyy offers 30 per cent discounts for students only on the most popular academic programs such as ABBYY FineReader, ABBYY Screenshot Reader, and ABBYY Business Card Reader. Find out about more Abbyy deals and discounts for students at ABBYY Discounts for Students.




Hopefully, US students will make use of this ultimate discount set in 2018. So, you see that there are so many offers for students and for teachers as well and you can finally forget about expensive software. Do not hesitate to try out all these great programs and enjoy studying with their help!


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